Tourism in Hindaun

Being a place associated with the ancient era of India, Hindaun has many places of historic significance. Hindaun, a city located in the eastern fringes of Rajasthan State, is getting developed into an important tourist destination for its age old architectural marvels and association of these monuments with various phases of Indian culture and history.

sightseeing in Hindaun

Hindaun has been mentioned in the Puranans and it had association with the Pandavas. Hindaun is also an important pilgrimage place for the believers of Jainism. Hindaun is famous for fairs like Mahaveerji Fair, Kaila Devi Fair and many other Hindu Festivals. Here in this article you will get complete information about tourist attractions of Hindaun.

Transport in Hindaun

Hindaun is best approachable by road as it is well connected to other parts of Rajasthan and its adjoining places through road. Road conditions are good and frequent bus services are available to reach Hindaun from major places of north India including various cities and districts of Rajasthan.

Local transports in Hindaun are bicycle, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. Frequent bus services run by State Road Transport are available to travel to various villages and cities around Hindaun.

Train services to Hindaun are also available thereby connecting the city with the major places like Mumbai, Ratlam, Mathura, Firozpur, Dehradun etc. The important trains passing through Hindaun railway station are Bandra T - Dehradun Express, Mathura – Bayana Passenger, Golden Temple Mail, Paschim Express and others.

Hindaun can be approached through airways also but the nearest airport of Hindaun is the Kheria Airport of Agra which is about 110 KM away from Hindaun City.

Shopping in Hindaun

Tourists visiting this small city of Rajasthan bring back stone artifacts as souvenirs. You can visit shops to buy handloom items of Rajasthan. Local handicraft items can also be found in the local shops. When you are in Hindaun, you should never forget to buy the local sweets especially “Moong ki Barfi”.

Shopping in Hindaun

You must buy some packets of barfi for your dear ones at home too.

Hotels in Hindaun

Hindaun has budget hotels and resorts for the tourists and also for the regular visitors of the city who come here for business purpose. These hotels offer comfortable rooms, in house restaurants and other basic facilities to their guests at affordable rates. Some of the accommodations of Hindaun are Hotel Jama Palace, Shanti Palace, and Punjab Resort.

Eating Out in Hindaun

 Hindaun houses many restaurants and eating houses where you can enjoy local delicacies and varieties of other cuisines. Authentic Rajasthani foods, north Indian cuisines, south Indian dishes and even cuisines from other parts of the world are available at these eateries.

Restaurants in Hindaun

Some of the restaurants in Hindaun:
  • Kanha Restaurant
  • Nadeem Restaurant
  • Pizza Palace
  • Mittal Restaurant
  • Dharnidhar Restaurant
  • Krishna Restaurant and Juice Center
  • Jai Balaji Restaurant
  • Punjab Resort
  • Chaudhury Restaurant
  • Siddhartha Pavitra Bhojanalaya

Tourist Places in Hindaun

Hindaun City has many interesting tourist places. Here is the list of some of these tourist places of this city:

Dev Narayan Temple

The temple is famous for its intrinsic work that keeps attracting the people from the nearby areas as well as from far off places.

Shri Mahaveer Ji Temple

This temple is built to commemorate the 24th Jain Tirthankar Shri Mahaveer Ji and is a popular Jain Pilgrimage place. Thousands of Jains gather here on special occasion to offer their prayers to Mahaveer Ji.

Kaila Devi Temple in Hindaun

The Prahlad Kund

It is believed that Prahlad, son of King Hiranyakashyap was thrown into this well as he did not stop worshipping Lord Vishnu despite orders from his father. Hiranyakashyap ka kua is another interesting place in Hindaun. Prahladkund and Hiranyakashyap ka kua are believed to be places associated with the Bhagvad Purana.

Temples of Hindaun

Located at the center of the city, Chamunda Temple is another major attraction of this city. Other important temples of Hindaun are Shani Baba Temple, Hanumanji Temple, Nakkash-ki-Devi temple, Raghunathji Temple, Dharanidahrji Temple, Balaji Maharaj Temple, Narsingh Ji and others. Jalsen Talab or pond located near Nakkash-ki-Devi is one of the famous tourist attractions of Hindaun City. The pond is believed to be a sacred one and taking a dip here can wash away all your sins. 

Temples in Hindaun

Parks in Hindaun

Hindan has many parks and gardens that add more to the elegance and beauty of this city. Not only for the locals but these parks have become important attractions for the tourists also. These parks are Hathi Park, Nehru Park, Rashtriya Park, Gomti Vatika, Chota Park, and Bada Park.

Other attractions of Hindaun are Jagar Dam, Suroth Fort, Garmora Castle, Padampura Castle, Timangarh Fort, and Nand-Bhaujai Well.

Best Time to Visit Hindaun

Hindaun can be visited throughout the year but summer months should be avoided as the temperature rises up to 45-49 ºC. For those who are visiting Hindaun in winter, enough warm clothes and other winter accessories must be carried as temperature dips to 5 ºC in extreme winter. To enjoy different fairs and events of Hindaun, you can book you tickets in the month of March/April. From October to April, you can enjoy your Hindaun visit the most.
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