Localities in Hindaun

Hindaun is a tehshil of Karauli District of Rajasthan. The tehsil comprises of many important places and Hindaun is one amongst them. Hindaun Tehsil has its headquarters at Hindaun City which is located about 32 KM north of District Headquarters which is in Karauli. Hindaun is situated about 142 KM west of Jaipur, the state capital of Rajasthan. In the south of Hindaun Tehsil, Karauli is located.

Localities in Hindaun

In the east of Hindaun, Bayana Tehsil and in the west of Hindaun is Todabhim Tehsil.  Todabhim, Nadbai, Mahwa and Bandikui Cities are the nearby cities of Hindaun. Whether you are a resident of this city or if you are planning to visit it in near future, you must know about the important localities of Hindaun in details. Read this article to get information about important localities of Hindaun City.

Mohan Nagar in Hindaun

Considered as an important locality of Hindaun City, Mohan Nagar has many bank branches, ATMs, schools and hospital. The place also has accommodation facilities for the guests. e.g.  Punjab Resort in located at Mohan Nagar. State highways No. 1 and 22 pass through Hindaun and Mohan Nagar is located at the intersection of these two highways. Mohan Nagar has many important residential townships as well.

Kachroli in Hindaun

Located in the north of Karauli District headquarters at a distance of 24 KM, Kachroli is a village belonging to Hindaun Tehsil. It is located about 8 KM away from Hindaun City. Pin code of Kachroli is 322230 and Hindaun is its postal head office. The nearby villages of Kachroli are Sikroda Meena, Pataunda, Gunsar, and Sanet. The nearest railway station of Kachroli is Sri Mahabirji Railway Station which is located only 4 KM away from Kachroli.

Suroth in Hindaun

Located on the way to Kaila Devi Mandir in Karauli, Suroth is a village of Hindaun Tehsil. Suroth is a famous tourist spot and tourists keep coming here to visit Suroth Mahal which is amongst one of the heritage sites of Rajasthan. From here, one can visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary also. Fatesh Singh Pura Railway Station is only 1 KM from Suroth.

Karsoli in Hindaun

Karsoli Village of Hindaun Tehsil is located about 5 KM from Hindaun City. Sherpur, Jagar, Vanki and Bajna Kalan are the nearby villages of Karsoli. Weir Tehsil lies in the north of Karsoli and Bayana Tehsil lies in the north of Karsoli. The postal head office of Karsoli is Hindaun. Hindaun Railway Station and Dhindhora Hkmkd Railway Station are very close to Karsoli( within 10 KM). The major railway junction near Karsoli is Mathura Railway Junction of Uttar Pradesh. 

Kyarda Khurd in Hindaun

Kyarda Khurd is a village located in Hindaun tehsil and it is about 34 KM from District headquarters. Postal head office of Kyarda Khurd is Hindaun. Nearby villages of Kyarda Khurd are Sikroda Meena, Jhareda, Vanki and Bajna Kalan. Sikroda Meena Railway Station is the nearest one to Kyarda Khurd. The major railway station nearest to Kyarda Khurd is Alwar located at a distance of 108 KM.

Phulwara in Hindaun

Located at a distance of 5 KM from Hindaun City, Phulwara is an important village of Hindaun Tehsil. The nearby villages of Phulwara are Pataunda, Sikroda Meena, and Irniya. Nearby cities are Nadbai, Mahwa, Todabhim and Bandikui. Sikroda Meena and Mahabirji Railway stations are the nearby railway station of Phulwara.

Jagar in Hindaun

Famous for its Jagar Dam, Jagar is a village located within Hindaun Tehsil of Rajasthan. It is located about 12 KM from Hindaun City and about 155 KM away from Jaipur, the state capital. Pin Code of Jagar is 322 236 and Dhindora is its postal head office. The nearby villages of Jagar are Karsoli, Khareta, Sherpur, and Kheri Hewat. Dhindora Railway Station is the nearest railway station of Jagar.
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