About Hindaun

Hindaun is a historically famous city located in Karauli District of Rajasthan State. It is located very close to one of the oldest mountain ranges of India, the Aravalli Range. Hindaun falls on the main rail route between Mumbai and Delhi. Known for its red stone that is used for building many important monuments and buildings of India e.g. the Swami Narayan Temple of Jaipur and the Akshardham Temple Delhi, Hindaun houses many interesting tourist spots as well. The city also offers many types of modern facilities like electrified rail track, multi specialty hospital, modern residential place and others.

About Hindaun

Well built roads and frequent bus services make it easy for anyone to reach this city from various parts of north India. The city has become an important industrial hub of Rajasthan State due to modern infrastructure. Hindaun is known for stone industry. The city is also has many chemical companies. The city is located about 150 KM away from Jaipur, the state capital. About 80% residents of the city are the Hindus. Muslims, Christians and Jains also reside in this city. Nearby villages of Hindaun are Karsoli, Vanki, Kyarda Khurd, Kachroli and Phulwara. Nearby cities of Hindaun are Mahwa, Todabhim, Bandikui, and Nadbai.

History of Hindaun

Located in the eastern region of Rajasthan, Hindaun is located in the valley surrounded by Aravalli Mountains. The city has got its name originated from the name of the King Hiranayakashyap, father of Prahlad, an earnest devotee of Lord Vishnu. The city has a temple dedicated to Lord Narsingha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu that killed King Hiranyakashyap. Gurjar Agitation is another important historical event associated with this state. 

Geography and Climate of Hindaun

Hindaun City enjoys dry, subtropical climate. Monsoon, summer and winter are the three seasons of Hindaun. The temperature rises up to 48-49ºC during summer and during winter the temperature comes down to 5ºC. The average rainfall is about 800 mm. The monsoon season is from July-September. Being a fertile land, many crops are grown in and around Hindaun e.g. ground nut, gooseberry, gram, barley, cluster bean, maize, mustard, and millet.

Festivals in Hindaun

All Hindu festivals are celebrated with great pomp and joy in the City of Hindaun. Hindaun is also an important pilgrimage center for the Jains. One of the important festivals of Hindaun is Shri Mahavir Festival which is held in the months of March/April. The festival is celebrated in the memory of Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankar of the Jains.

Festivals in Hindaun

The festival is organized in Chandan Gao, a place located about 18 KM from Hindaun City.  Many tourists flock in Hindaun to become part of Kaila Devi Fair, a famous fair held in the months of March-April, in Karauli District. The festival is celebrated for about 15 days.

Tourist Places in Hindaun

Hindaun boasts many important tourist spots and gets thousands of tourists every year.

Tourist Spots in Hindaun

The famous tourist spots of Hindaun are:
  • The Prahlad Kund
  • The Hiranyakashyap ka Kua
  • Sri Mahavir Ji Temple
  • Sri Narasinghji Temple
  • Suroth Fort
  • Jagar Dam
  • Padampura Castle
  • Timangarh Fort
  • Temple of Devi Chamunda
  • Balaji Maharaj Temple
  • Devnarayan Temple
  • Hathi Park
  • Nehru Park
  • Jalsen Talab
  • Rashtriya Park

Transportation in Hindaun

Hindaun is located in the eastern area of Rajasthan State in the valleys of Aravalli. The city can be reached from various cities and towns of north India. Road transport is the most preferred way to reach Hindaun from Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of Rajasthan. While traveling from Kota or Jaipur in Rajasthan to Gwalior in Madhaya Pradesh, you will get Hinduan en route. The journey is very enjoyable as you will get to see beautiful waterfalls and the lush green valleys of Aravalli.

Transport in Hindaun

By rail, you could reach Hindaun as it is well connected to the major cities of north India. From Delhi, you can get trains e.g. Jan Shatabdi Express, Janta Express, Paschim Express and Dehradun Express. The total journey time is about 4 hours.

Kheria Airport is the nearest airport of Hindaun City which is about 115 KM away from the city.

Fact File of Hindaun

Total Area: 13 square meter
Latitude: 26.72º North
Longitude: 77.02º East
Total Population: 105, 690 (as per census of 2011)
Sex Ratio per 1000: 881 girls
Male Literacy Rate: 87.79%
Female Literacy Rate: 63.94%
Main Languages: Hindi, Rajasthani
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